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How high and far can a drone fly?

The Civil Aviation Authority law and guidelines limit UAV operations altitudes to a maximum of 400ft (122m) and a maximum distance of 1,640ft (500m) or visual line of sight (VLOS) depending on conditions

Can I see what is being captured from the Drone?

Yes, each of our drone has a live download to a digital screen on the ground. Providing a high definition view of what the drone can see.

What is the maximum flight time a drone?

The maximum operating time per battery averages around 20-30 minutes. Time spent flying to and from the location is included in this period. On large scale projects we can bring additional batteries and on-site charging facilities allowing us to increase our operational time.

Are there any weather restrictions?

Our Drones can operate in winds of up to 30mph. On-board stability controls allow us to remain stable and capture smooth footage. Decisions on weather can be made 24 hours before or in some scenarios on the day.

Can you operate at short notice?

We understand that last minute decisions are made depending on the situation It’s always good to have access to a drone with minimal launch time.

Why should I use a drone compared to helicopter or fixed wing aircraft?

Not only are drones cheaper and quieter to operate, they are easier to manoeuvre and fly closer to the subject being captured.

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