Drone Services in Rotherham

CAA Approved Drone Operators
Providing Images and Video



Our CAA Approved Drone Operators provides aerial photography on single or multiple visits.

Drone Photography Rotherham provide high resolution drone photographs and video for clients in Rotherham, Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Each of our CAA approved operators have experience working in a range of environments, from capturing details across construction sites, to shopping centres and working environments.

Operating with industry leading equipment, we are proud to offer the highest quality photography and videography on each job attended.

Each of our All of our operators are fully Civil Aviation Authority approved & compliant.

There are a number of significant benefits to using a drone to capture your aerial photographs. Please take a look at the below list to get a clearer idea of what is achievable.

  • Access to areas otherwise inaccessible by ground level photography, for example, large areas of land or roofing.
  • Views from up to 400ft.
  • Assist in documenting progress on building projects.
  • Lower costs when comparing to hiring fixed wing aircraft
  • Can launch at shorter notice.

Who We’ve Worked With:

Since we began operating, we’ve had the privilege to assist many companies with aerial imagery



How we operate

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Understand your Requirements

Enter your details on the contact page and advise us what you require, we will contact you to discuss requirements and provide a quote when we know what is involved

Flight Planning

Safety is key at all times during drone operations. Where required we will carry out detailed flight planning to ensure the safety of all operations

Risk Assessment and Flight Ops

Once on site we will carry out an on-site risk assessment (if not done prior) this will allow us to check for any potential hazards and taking any necessary preventative measures.


Our teams will edit the images/footage before processing and uploading to our online download portal or writing to physical media inc. hard drive or memory stick